Demtec – VDB

General characteristics: constant operating speed, Time of supplying the next machine with substrate depending on the work cycle, Automatic substrate feeding using level control probes, Length of the backfill container up to 2.5 m, capacity in the working position up to 5 m3, An important feature of Demtec’s machines is the very solid construction, as […]


Demtec – DEN

General characteristics: suitable for heavy ground, constant operating speed, Automatic substrate feeding using level control probes, The width of the conveyor belt of the hopper 1.2 m, the standard capacity of the hopper 6m3, With height-adjustable tow hook and large wheels, there is a version of the machine with a hopper with a capacity of […]


Demtec ? BBX

A soil lifter with a dual function: the machine opens large bales and delivers loose soil. It is equipped with a hydraulically driven tilting platform to position the bales and hammer on the discharge side to recover the original volume while the structure remains unchanged. Mobile and desktop versions available.

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