Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber substrates are our flagship product. In Poland, Ceres is the first and only large-scale manufacturer of coir-based substrates. We have proprietary technology for purifying and buffering coconut fiber, which allows us to provide an all-natural substrate to many producers in our country. We have achieved quality equivalent to the Dutch RHP standard. We also produce substrates for special customer orders.


The finest particles of up to 2 mm in length (referred to from coco peat – coco peat) are used as the basic fraction for the production of horticultural substrates. Thanks to its very good physical properties, the fiber has been widely used in horticulture as a homogeneous substrate and as an ingredient in other substrates.



Advantages of coconut fiber:

  • water is bound by weak forces and excess water easily leaks out of the substrate, so that the roots are not flooded and oxygen-deficient conditions are created
  • if the pot is filled with coconut, the surface of the substrate is not moist, despite the appropriate moistening below. Under such conditions, mosses and liverworts do not develop, as is the case with peat-based substrates, the even spread of water throughout the substrate (especially important for crops irrigated drip or underseeded)
  • absorbency, even after severe drying, the fiber does not become hydrophobic and is easy to re-moisten,
  • durability due to the high content of lignins, which decompose very slowly and maintain good physical parameters for a long time
  • free of pathogens – does not require decontamination, naturally occurring fungi of the genus Trichoderma
  • Free from weed seeds found in some horticultural substrates
  • a substrate with good thermal properties


Packaging method: briquettes 500g, 5kg, 70L bag, big-bag 2 and 3m3, coconut mats.

    Fill in the details:

    Total porosityWater capacity Air capacity Shrinking
    85-95% by volume 60-70% by volume15-35% by volume15-25% by volume


    Used as an additive to stabilize the structure of the ground and excellent drainage. The addition of several kilograms of stiff fibers to the substrate helps us maintain optimal substrate moisture by draining excess water from the pot.


    Packaging method: pressed bales 25kg, 100kg, 125kg

      Fill in the details:

      Total porosityWater capacity Air capacityShrinking
      95-98% by volume8-12% by volume83-90% by volume4-10% by volume


      The fiber in a 0.65 kg or 5 kg briquette can be in the basic fraction, i.e. Cocopeat or with the addition of 20% or 30% long fibers.

        Fill in the details:

        Product inquiry:

        Central and Eastern Poland:

        Michał Dudziński

        +48 600 262 555


        Southern Poland:

        Ceres hotline

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        Western Poland:

        Bartosz Mazurczak

        +48 603 186 493



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