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Ceres offers a wide range of artificial turf for both decorative and sports.


COMFORT GRASS ? Artificial grass ideal for creating original arrangements!

Artificial grass commonly used in recreational areas, gardens, balconies, swimming pools or public green spaces is increasingly used in the decoration of various usable spaces, providing an alternative to various types of carpets, board panels.

We present to you Comfort Grass ? High-quality artificial grass produced by the Belgian company Orotex. Its natural appearance offers a wide range of possibilities for creating original designs. Arranging the outdoor space of a restaurant, cafe or pub with greenery increases the prestige of the place and affects its attractiveness. It provides intense and durable color all year round. Artificial durability will provide an unchanging, durable and impressive appearance , create a friendly and harmonious environment that stands out among the competition.

Comfort Grass artificial grass ? provides:

? striking appearance of any space, both in sunny and shaded areas looks equally beautiful and fresh

? natural, perfect appearance all year round, durability and color intensity

? friendly atmosphere of a meeting place

? highest durability during use, resistance to weather conditions, UV rays and extreme temperatures, reduced abrasion levels

? easy to install, economical: low installation and maintenance cost

A wide range of designs will meet the most demanding expectations.

? Wimbledon

Plastic: PE+PA

Weight: approx. 2100 g/m2,

Height. stalks: approx. 20 mm,

UV resistance: 3000 h

Quantity per roll: 25 mb

? Centrecourt

Plastic: PP

Weight: approx. 2200 g/m2,

Height. stalks: approx. 22 mm,

UV resistance: 3000 h

Quantity per roll: 25 mb

? Greentwist

Plastic: PE

Weight: approx. 2050 g/m2,

Height. stalks: approx. 32 mm,

UV resistance: 3000 h

Quantity per roll: 25 mb

? Golf

Plastic: PP

Weight: approx. 1550 g/m2,

Height. stalks: approx. 14 mm,

UV resistance: 2500 h

Quantity per roll: 25 mb

? Indian Summer


Weight: approx. 2600 g/m2,

Height. stalks: approx. 42 mm,

UV resistance: 3000 h

Quantity per roll: 25 mb

? Spring

Plastic: PP

Weight: approx. 1050 g/m2,

Height. stalks: approx. 5 mm,

UV resistance: 2500 h

Quantity per roll: 20 mb

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