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We are one of the largest suppliers of coconut fiber to the Polish market. In addition to using it for our own production, we supply various types of fibers as well as products made from it to other organic substrate manufacturers in the country.


Coconut chips are coconut shell chips, used as a substrate additive to improve air and water conditions, or as a homogeneous substrate.


– substrate for orchid
– additive for pressed coconut mats
– mulching material
– drainage at the bottom of the pot

The chips we offer come in three sizes:

S: thickness 18-25 mm
SS: thickness 12-18 mm
SSS: thickness 6-12 mm
SSS: thickness 6-12 mm

Packaging method: 0.5kg briquettes, 4.5kg briquettes and disks of various sizes.

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    Used as an additive to stabilize the structure of the ground and excellent drainage. The addition of several kilograms of stiff fibers to the substrate helps us maintain optimal substrate moisture by draining excess water from the pot.


    Packaging method: pressed bales 25kg, 100kg, 125kg

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      Total porosityWater capacity Air capacity Shrinking
      95-98% by volume8-12% by volume83-90% by volume4-10% by volume


      The fiber in a 0.65 kg or 5 kg briquette can be in the basic fraction, i.e. Cocopeat or with the addition of 20% or 30% long fibers.

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        Agroperlite has remarkable properties for horticulture. It is chemically neutral, great for aerating the air, and also stores water. As a result, it has a wide range of applications in plant cultivation. It is a valued component used in the production of various types of substrates, which significantly improves their structure and properties. It can naturally adapt to the plant’s root system and is also completely chemically inert.

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          Western Poland:

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