Optimizing crop production processes is one of our main goals. Our customers are paying more and more attention to the efficient internal transportation of plants. In order to meet their expectations, we have introduced our carriers, which significantly improve this process, both at the stage of loading and unloading the planted plants, as well as their subsequent spacing.

We can divide our range of carriers into two main types:

1. loading and unloading of plants after planting
2. plant spacing in the beds

1.For loading and unloading of plants after planting, we offer fork carriers, usually single-row. These carriers are adapted to specific pots and the width of beds.Their use streamlines the process of loading plants after planting on transport trucks, as well as unloading plants at the destination site. Optionally, this type of carriers can be made with double handles ? a solution especially recommended for larger pots, e.g. 3 l or larger. They can also be prepared for stacking pots on ?dense? or spaced.
We also prepare small carriers for stacking P9-type pots (or other small pots) in plastic transport trays.

(2) For spacing the plants in the beds, we offer carriers equipped with two handles/grips and a spacing system. Carriers of this type are also tailored to the specific size of the pots and the planting bed.
The handles are height adjustable so you can easily adjust the carrier for workers of different heights. If warranted, such carriers can be prepared in a forked version (especially for spacing small pots).

All our carriers are made of high quality aluminum so they are durable and very lightweight.
The carriers are made to order. To properly prepare the carrier, you need:
– information on the size of pots (preferably samples)
– information whether single-row or spacing
– the expected number of pots in a row
– the expected type ? fork or two handles

For more details, please contact our Sales Department Specialists.

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