Coconut Mats for Growing Vegetables

Coconut mats have been used for many years to grow soilless vegetables. Coconut fiber, as an organic substrate, provides excellent conditions for growing vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers, and is also an excellent substrate for soilless cultivation of peppers.

We create our mats to the highest standards at every stage of production. The coconut fiber we use to make coke mats for growing vegetables goes through a rigorous cleaning process – rinsing and buffering, so our mats meet the expectations of even the most demanding growers.

For the production of mats we use different fractions of coconut fiber, and what is more, we select the composition of the mat in such a way that it always provides the best conditions for the growth of specific species of vegetables, taking into account the system of cultivation, as well as its duration. We offer Ceres Kokopak coconut mats or so-called “coconut mats”. Loose mats and Ceres Presspak coconut mats, or so-called. pressed mats.

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