Horticultural substrates for establishing gardens

Ceres International is the only company in this part of Europe specializing in the production of professional horticultural substrates based on coconut fiber.

With more than 20 years of experience, we have developed flagship products such as sowing medium, rooting medium and CERES KOKOPAK ready-made growing mats.

Thanks to the knowledge we have acquired and the wide range of ingredients we have, we have the ability to produce horticultural substrates tailored to any requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Product inquiry:

Central and Eastern Poland:

Michał Dudziński

+48 600 262 555

e-mail: michal.dudzinski@ceres.pl

Southern Poland:

Ceres hotline

+48 668 828 333

e-mail: info@ceres.pl

Western Poland:

Bartosz Mazurczak

+48 603 186 493

e-mail: bartosz.mazurczak@ceres.pl

e-mail: info@ceres.pl

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